2019 Nordiskt möte

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An active Nordic network for schizophrenia associations is of great importance as it would gather unique experiences and knowledge within the field of schizophrenia, which is of importance to pursue specific and Nordic questions regarding the disease in e.g. health care, education and as well as formation of opinions. Initiators of the first Nordic meeting were representatives from the Danishand the Swedish organizations, Holger Steinrud and Åsa Konradsson Geuken. Sweden was hosting this meeting in November 2019 which gathered twelve representatives from Skizofreniforening (DK), Schizofreniförbundet (SWE), FinFami (FIN) and Landsforeningen for Pårørende innen Psykisk helse (NOR). The meeting was doable due to financial support from the pharmaceutical companies Otsuka Pharma Scandinavia and Lundbeck Pharma A/S. Läs vidare under länken ovan.